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Utrecht, NL


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Join us in our adventure and create your data science legacy!

At VodafoneZiggo we are incredibly excited about Advanced Analytics and the enormous potential for progress and innovation. VodafoneZiggo reaches 5 million mobile, 4 million TV and 3 million broadband customers in the Netherlands, all with unique behaviours and experiences. In our state of the art open source platform we store the tremendous amount of data that is generated every single second in our mobile and fixed networks. This means that we have a vast body of rich information, which if unlocked, can lead to something very special. The raison d'etre of Advanced Analytics is to improve; to support the business in unlocking its potential; to better serve our customers and to create opportunities for social good.

Whilst we have already committed a great deal of focus and investment towards the development of Advanced Analytics, it is still in its evolution phase here at VodafoneZiggo. This appointment provides a fantastic opportunity to build, grow and create legacy. We’re like a start-up within VodafoneZiggo, ready to go. It’s a great time to join - at the beginning - help shape our Advanced Analytics capability, and do things here for the first time.

This Is What You Do For Our Customer

Advanced Analytics cases are including, but not restricted to:

  • Predictive maintenance of our networks
  • Improving cross- and deep sell of our products; reducing churn
  • Product- and service recommendation
  • Improving the customer’s satisfaction at all touch points and customer journeys
  • Development of data driven services
  • Smart Cities and IoT solutions

Implementation of these cases will be achieved by developing predictive and prescriptive models with large and varied datasets, working with a community of colleagues across Advanced Analytics, Technology, CRM, Customer Experience and Digital functions

This Is How You Do It

To contribute to this purpose you will need to:

  • Advice (senior) management on the usage of Advanced Analytics products and act as a sparring partner
  • Contribute to the development of self and others across the analytics community, ensuring Advanced Analytics is always evolving and at the cutting edge
  • Explore, design, develop & test analytic models to industrialize insight into operations
  • Come up with new ways to create a positive impact for our customers and our company
  • Use data visualization to engage audience in a compelling way, enabling effective storytelling

You strengthen

The Advanced Analytics team at VodafoneZiggo is expanding in Utrecht. Led by Aziz Mohammadi, there is a great deal of energy and commitment within business and we are dedicated to hiring only the very best talent. We are creating a community of experts, who will work with each other and with our business to guide VodafoneZiggo on its Advanced Analytics journey. In this community there is a strong cooperation with our global teams which we can leverage for sharing experiences and globally created practices and products.

You’ve Got What It Takes

Being a Lead Data Scientist at VodafoneZiggo requires you to be focused on both business and customer impact. You play a crucial role in the Advanced Analytics team, encouraging and challenging the team, stimulating teamwork, taking responsibility, steering novices, delegating work and hiring new team members. And needless to say, you like to have fun while you’re creating data science magic. If you recognize yourself in this profile, please read on.

Core Competencies, Knowledge And Experience

  • +8 yrs of relevant work experience;
  • You are recognized as an expert in the data science community and are the go to person for technical questions (with deep modelling expertise)
  • You have the ability to take the lead role in complex projects (from technical side) and set clear technical guidelines for the team
  • You write tutorials and give training (in and outside of VodafoneZiggo). You get invited to speak at conferences
  • You can translate complex content into easy to comprehend pieces
  • You love to work in a fast-paced environment using Agile (e.g. Scrum, Lean and Kanban)

Technical / Professional Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree or PhD in quantitative fields like Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Social Sciences, Data Journalism, or related fields
  • Highly proficient in statistical packages and Machine Learning libraries (e.g. Python Scikit-learn, SciPy and NLTK, Spark MLlib)
  • Expertise in data manipulation: use of structured data tools (e.g., SQL), & unstructured data tools and platforms (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL)
  • Proficient in at least one relevant programming language/tool: R, Python, Spark, Scala, Java, C++
  • Experience in digital data sets, e.g., social listening, social network analysis (nice to have)
  • Familiarity with visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, Qlik, D3)

You deserve it

  • Lots of interesting use cases and heaps of different data sources
  • An ambitious employer. We want the best for you and your colleagues
  • Potential for growth. We offer full opportunities for growth. It’s up to you to take advantage of them
  • A good salary. Perfectly in line with your background
  • Financial benefits. These include special agreements concerning annual leave, pension and other tax-friendly schemes

You do it

Are you in? Will you help us to build, grow and create the data science legacy at VodafoneZiggo? Now click on the application button and reply.


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